Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Halston Residence Fetes Charles James

 The release of Charles James: Portrait of Unreasonable Man: Fame, Fashion, Art, the new, definitive biography by Michèle Gerber Klein, was celebrated at Halston’s former townhouse designed by the great mid-century architect Paul Rudolf.

The relationship between Charles James and Halston was long, complicated and fascinating.  The two designers met in 1958 through Page Zwecker, fashion editor of the Chicago Daily News.  James, at the height of his career, became a mentor to Halston, whose career had just begun.  Halston soon moved to New York to design hats for Lilly Dache, after meeting her through James.  
"Halston learned a great deal from Charles about designing and the world of style and probably other things too"- Dache recalled.

In 1970, after James' career had declined, Halston hired him as a "fashion consultant engineer" for the Halston collections.  Despite the collaboration receiving a glowing review from critics like Bernadine Morris of the The NY Times, Halston decided to part ways with James.  

In the ensuing years of Halston's rise to fortune and vast fame, James obsessively made of lists of designs Halston had stolen from him, and described Halston to Couri Hay in tapes filmed by Anton Perish as “a middle of the road man who would be better as a buyer in a store or a stylist. He knows how to select good things, but his passion has been to put his name on it - the word plagiarism is correct.” 
 The evening was a sincere eye opening experience into the deep realms of the fashion world.  

The impressive guest list included names like Harold Koda who wrote the book’s forward, as well as James Andrew, Paula Antonelli, Susan Lowrey, Steven M.L. Aronson, and Evelyn Lorentzen Bell to name a few.  

 Guests reminisced about past experiences in the house from years before.  Everyone marveled at the Paul Rudolph's famous staircases and the fire place into which Elas Peretti famously, (in a fit of pique) flung the fur coat Halston gave her.  The house was decorated with elegant white orchids, a Halston trade mark he assumed from Charles James.

Charles James: Portrait of Unreasonable Man: Fame, Fashion, Art is available at: Barnesandnoble.com

Photos courtesy of PR

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Publicolor Holds its Annual Stir Splatter + Roll Gala 2018


 Publicolor is a long running New York City youth organization that recently celebrated its 22nd Anniversary at their annual Stir Splatter + Roll gala. 

Founded by award-winning industrial designer, Ruth Lande Shuman, Publicolor
fights poverty by addressing the alarming dropout rate and low levels of educational attainment and youth employment in New York City.  It focuses on low income students and implements art and design based programs in schools and the community, to help them achieve academic success and gain the confidence to succeed throughout life.

This year's gala was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City, and the room was bursting with energy.  
Upon arrival, guests were invited to participate in an interactive painting experience lead by several of the city's finest artists, designers, and architects.  Alongside them were Pubicolor's own students to contribute and collectively create customized works of art. 

 Before sitting down to dinner, guests enjoyed cocktails while bidding in a silent auction full of luxury pieces from the Albers Foundation, Rainey Day Erwin, Gensler, Philip Glass, Michael Kors, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, and Takaaki Matsumoto to name a few. 

   The night included a devastatingly beautiful performance by world famous composer Philip Glass.  But the most inspirational moment of the night was the heart warming speech given by a Publicolor student, about to graduate high school and attend college.   

“It's always a joy to celebrate our students who are succeeding despite the enormous challenges...  They are realizing their potential... and giving back to their communities...They inspire us every day!” said Ruth Lande Shuman, President of Publicolor.

 Publicolor motivates students and shows them they have the ability to succeed in life, no matter what their background is.  

 To learn more or get involved, visit Publicolor

Photos by: Annie Watt

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Bond No. 9 Hosts Special Bond Fire To Support UN Women for Peace Association

Photo: Madison McGaw/ BFA

Last week, Bond No. 9 New York Perfumerie held a luxurious Bond Fire event at a private restaurant in 432 Parke Avenue in Manhattan.  The evening celebrated the brand's partnership with the UN Women for Peace Association, and their dedication to promoting world peace and tolerance.

Photo: Madison McGaw/ BFA

Laurice Rahmé, Bond No. 9 Founder and CEO, Dame Muna Rihani Al-Nasser, Chairman and members of the Board of the UN Women for Peace Association and UN Ambassadors and Dignitaries, invited guests to join them in a special lighting ceremony in which 00 Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace Candles were lite out on the terrace.  

Photo: Madison McGaw/ BFA

The Scent of Peace is intended for both men and women.  It starts off with sparkling, energizing grapefruit and black current notes, that soon are balanced by the sheer loveliness of lily of the valley, and by those mellowing base notes, cedarwood and musk.  The flacon displays a dove in graceful flight.

UN Women for Peace Association promotes and advances the goals of UN agencies who provide opportunities for women through social, cultural, educational, and empowerment programs under the banner of a global peace building process.   

 In the partnership, every Scent of Peace candle sold up till Mother’s Day, Bond No. 9 donated 1% of sales to further the UN Women for Peace Association's mission.  
“As a brand our mission is not just to make new products, but do something bigger,” Laurice Rahmé, Founder and CEO, Bond No. 9 said.

For the remainder of the night, guests dined on delicious hors d'oeuvres, and enjoyed uplifting performances by violinists Frédérique Gnaman, Rebecca Telford-Marx, and Meghan Todt of the Music Performance program at NYU Steinhardt.    


The Scent of Peace is available at Bond No. 9’s five retail boutiques in New York City, Saks Fifth Avenue, Select Bloomingdale’s and www.bondno9.com

Bandelettes Kick off the Season with Annual Spring Party

In April, Bandelettes invited guests to kick off the Spring season with a celebratory party at The Mezzanine in downtown Manhattan.

The evening included food, a live DJ and special performance by NYC's very own resident drag queen, the popular CoCo De' Ball! 

Bandelettes are a great hack, especially during the summertime.  These stylish anti- chafing thigh bands are designed to prevent painful rubbing.  Worn around the upper thigh, the material acts as a buffer between the skin, and is held in place with two rows of silicon to keep them for slipping down.  Available for a few years now, the brand has since released unisex styles and color, making them wearable for absolutely anyone.    

  During her high energy performance, Coco donned a pair in sexy black lace.    
In attendance was Julia Abasova and Rena Abramoff, Founders of Bandelettes, and Becca McCharen-Tran.

Bandelettes are great for running and working out, spending all day at a theme park, or even under a sundress.  They're smooth and easy to hide.  Or, you can go for a bright, lacy pair and make it part of the ensemble!  

Shop the styles here 

Photos: Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for Bandelettes

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Angelo David Salon Hosts Launch Party for The Flex Brush

Dubbed The Ultimate Detangling Brush, The Flex Brush made its debut last week at a launch party hosted by The Angelo David Salon in New York City.  

Creators Angelo David Pisacreta and Jacob Guttman
Photos by Patrick McMullan

Created by world-renowned hair stylist Angelo David, and Jacob Guttman, the founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair Tools, the Flex Brush is an especially unique brush. 

What makes it so special?  The Flex Brush is made of all natural rubber, and uses an innovative flex technology that allows the brush to comfortably follow the contours of your head.  In other words, it's like treating your scalp to a much needed, heavenly massage.  Scalp massages are great because they help stimulate the blood flow to the hair follicle and promote healthier, shiner hair.  

The flexibility of the brush allows for a gentler approach when attempting to brush through painful knots.  It's designed to work on any hair type, and can be used on both wet and dry hair.         

I'm tender headed and this brush really speaks to me.  My previous brush feels like a rock in comparison.  Its massage is so soothing, that sometimes I use it to help me relax and unwind while watching TV.  
I'm also loving the vents.  The vents make it convenient to use in the shower so I can brush through my conditioner, and not have to worry about ruining it.

You can shop the three variations of Flex Brush here
Retail: $20.00- $26.00
The Flex Brush XL Nylon Bristle
The Flex Brush Petite Mixed Bristle
The Flex Brush XL Mixed Bristle (below is my personal fave!)

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